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From singer/songwriter, to lead guitarist, to bass player, to vocalist, David Zumsteg (or Dave Z / Davey Rockets) has played with some of the hottest bands in Los Angeles.
When he's not playing out live, he's in his studio recording. You can hear his most recent guitar music HERE!

The band PIE


Wow! Supremely original rock/alternative/acoustic/latin... Featuring the  beautiful vocals of Ellie Araiza, the unique percusssions of L. Boogie, and the bass power of DaeSik Kim. Pie music is available on iTunes and Amazon, and has had their music featured in a Ford Fiesta commercial.

Hypnotic rhythms and eclectic,  soothing sounds drive the electronic  chill on 
'23 Chill'. (sub-woofer recommended)

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or your favorite streamer.

Living In Pictures


Dave Z  - Guitar and 
backup vox for Socals rocking, original 
Living in Pictures.

Tilly's Everywhere


Voted LA's Number 1 Charm Rock band! Their "bootleg" CD captures the band at their best -  a high performance live show  with their incredibly catchy Pop/Rock/Punk songs.



The Whiskey Experiment 


Mona Barkat, David Zumsteg, and the band "The Whiskey Experiment" - Sweet blues/country mix.  

Radio Bikini

One of the most original and fun bands to come out of Delaware in the early 90's, Radio Bikini was known for their fun, spontaneous live shows and incredibly catchy tunes.

 Listen HERE.



Amazing songs, theatrical stage show, lasers on helmets... what more could you want? This is the band that earned Dave Z the nickname "Davey Rockets".... Fast, fun with tons of energy and hooks galore. Check out REX here, and yes, those are real lasers on that helmet.



"Seductive Rock"  says Entertainment Week. Hear for yourself.  

Flight of the Crow

Like a massage for your brain, Flight of the Crow is a hypnotic liquid soundtrack with rich orchestration, mesmerizing sounds and haunting lyrics to take you far away from the normal stride of everyday humdrum life. 

Live in a musical dream world where you are limited only by your imagination.  

Listen on Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Amazon.

It's All About Me

Combine 90's grunge with attitude rock and you get It's All About Me.

Hear them here!

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