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- For a list of IMDB credits, click here.


 - As a composer for top Los Angeles music library, DL Music, you can hear compositions from David Zumsteg on NBC, Bravo, Fox, Discovery, Travel, My Network, and CBS on shows like "American Idol", "Catfish", "Undercover Boss", “Access Hollywood”, and “Trading Spaces”.


- David was excited to create music for the multi-award winning animated short film "Debris" which was also screened at San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) as part of their Independent Film Festival. More info here and here.


- David co-wrote and produced the track "Yo Se" for a Ford commercial.


- "MIND DREAM" Looking for some amazing mind-massaging music? Created by David Zumsteg, "Mind Dream" is rich orchestration, mesmerizing sounds and haunting lyrics, all in a collection of songs that ease you into an incredible state of mind. LISTEN HERE.


- David created the theme and bumper music for "Music Pump Unsigned". Listen and see the show  here!


- Dave composed music (and contributed several of his own songs and a song from PIE) for the Indie Film “Shortened”.


- Dave is a "Recommended Artist" at - one of Asia's best internet radio stations.


- Dave created the theme song for "Baby Changes Everything" on Discovery.


- Dave was hired to play guitar for Canadian singer/songwriter sensation Jaylene Johnson for NBC/Universal and at the world-famous Derby in Hollywood.


- Music from Merry Cherry was used for the soundtrack to "I Know You're Not a Lesbian" from Chicks in the Booth Productions.


- Music from David Zumsteg was picked for the HALO 2 - "Bonus" DVD! Look for the Collectors Edition of HALO 2.


- Music created especially for "2.5 minute Ride", a Magna Carta Theater Production. A show the LAWeekly called "Recommend"! "..excellent minimalist lighting (Chris Kjos), [and] spare sound effects (by David Zumsteg)"


- Music for the TV pilot 'Daily Mirror' can be heard here. Check out the song "My Time is Now".


- David Zumsteg with the band Merry Cherry provided the theme song for the "Franks and Wieners TV Show". Your TV will never be the same again.  


- An award winner at the LA 48-Hour Film Festival, the "Big, Big, Big, Big, Big IT" used 5 (count 'em, f-i-v-e) songs from the bands of 442 Studios to provide all the music for this hilarious madcap action adventure!  


- California film maker and director Ted Campbell used music from 442 Studios bands in "Rebound", a movie short forwarded to the Sundance on-line Film Festival!  


- The Film Brother's production of "Franks and Wieners" has also tapped the talents of 442 Studios for their independent film. Featured are songs from the band Sin Limo including "Avalon" as well as incidental and Foley sounds used throughout the movie.. all from 442 Studios.  


- And the song "You Must Be Cool" from the band Sin Limo was featured in the Black and White film, "Behind Bars."


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